About VideoQE

This site is for Software Quality Engineers of every skill level. Our mission is to create, collect, and evaluated Training and How-To videos related to performing some of the more complicated tasks.  Each video has a corresponding wiki page and each wiki page requires a link to a video.  Now you can create a wiki for detailing things like code snippets or additional information, but still have a video which walks the user through the task you are trying to perform first.

If you have a video you wish to share, please contact us and we’ll get it going.  Most videos are stored on YouTube for performance reasons, as well as to save a lot of money on storage.  You can just email us the link and it’s easy enough to attach.

Currently we’re hoping to find a dozen or so subject matter experts to take on various sections of this wiki.  It’s your video, so brand it however you wish.  You can request to have videos and wiki pages removed at any time.

We hope you enjoy this site.

The email address is architect plus the appropriate domain suffix.  You should be able to figure it out.


Jeff Teehan – QE Architect